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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Moved to Poker Blog

Moved to Poker Blog

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Party Poker Monster, I’m in!

Oh Yes, finally conquered my Head to Head phobia and won through to a 100K Party Poker Monster ‘Freeroll’.

Once I got to the Head to Head play the key difference this time around was concentration. I was determined not to let the guy win; however, at the beginning he had twice my chips.

Played tight and very aggressive when I had something. Ground the guy down… doubled up and then crushed… a nice feeling as this had been happening to me… a lot!

So things looking good for my missions as I’m at Stage 2 for Poker Classic and have qualified for 100K monster. Also got two Freeroll's for the Pacific Poker UK Open.

I’m thinking about adding WSOP 2007 qualification to my list as I’ve spotted that Pacific Poker are now running qualifiers where if you qualify you also get entry into a WSOP $1,500 NL Holdem event; adds a nice twist and there not many people playing in the qualifiers.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I’m still shit at Head to Head

Another day another Head to Head loss!!!!! Entered two Sit&Go qualifiers today, one for Monster and one for Poker Classic. Got Head to Head in both…

I’m sure this all might be down to ‘tilt’. For the Poker Classic as we entered the Head to Head phase I had twice the chips. The other guy doubled up through me with a flush on the river at which point I lost it and started playing all sorts of rubbish. Donkey!

Much the same for the Monster. Got to love Party Poker, so far the Monster ‘Freeroll’ has cost me few hundred bucks.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I’m shit at Head to Head

Been in 3 Sit&Go Party Poker Million, 2 PokerRoom Stage 1 and 1 PokerRoom Stage 2 head to head situations today and lost the lot…

Now that is enough to tilt a man horizontal!! I’ve read Doyle Brunson on this, “tight but loose” is his suggestion.

Well F£$%^&*(cking Bo£$%^&cks is all I can say!

Each PokerRoom Sit&Go took about 1 hour to get to head to head and then to loose the lot. Party was marginally better as the Monster Sit&Go’s fly along.

Well better not play anymore poker today, far too wired, think I’ll go and throw myself around the room instead.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Current Missions

Added a current mission statement to let you know what I’m up to:

Pacific Poker UK Poker Open III: $500,000 prize pool held between 25th September to 8th October. Got three routes through to this, Freeroll held on 2nd September, qualifying for another Freeroll via whereby I need to get 250 comp points (currently on 185) and last of all buy into one of Pacific Pokers UK Open Qualifiers $105.

PokerRoom Ongame Poker Classic: $5 million prize pool, Online Final 4th Nov. There are two routes to this one Sit&Go steps, already qualified to stage 2 but blew it so starting again. Also going to try get in via the MTT’s direct buy in to stage 2 $54.

Party Poker Monster: I reckon this is going to be the biggest tournaments of all time… the guys behind this are geniuses. First qualify for $100K weekly Freeroll and be in top 2,000. That’ll qualify you for monthly $1million.

$8,888 UK Poker Open Freeroll

Got a Freeroll for the Pacific Poker UK Open, not sure how many other people are going to qualify for this as the registration doesn’t start until 30th August. The tournament is on 2nd September.

I’m assuming there’ll be 1,000’s of qualifiers but who knows? Anyway I’ll be there.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

PokerRoom Ongame Poker Classic Stage 2

Well I’ve made it to stage 2 which is a $68 Sit&Go winner goes onto stage 3, 2nd place gets another crack at it plus $7.

Needless to say I got heads up with a guy who had double my stack, had a real go at him but couldn’t break him down. Oh well, I’ll just have to do stage 2 all over again.